Welcome on Kordwig.de

kordwig.de what on earth is that ?.

quite simple: kordwig is just a name, just like smith, jones, blair, bush, duck, mouse or miller,

it just does not exist so often and most of the time totally wrong pronounced so as kortwic or kortwich or cordwich (of course, you may find this sort of spelling somewhere).

so what; who is interested in that? nobody ! that's right too. it is just a hobby like collecting beermats or building sandcastles on the beach.... a.s.on ..

so just take it easy and not to seriously. apart from the links I want you to follow.

anyway: if any kordwig on this planet or anywhere in the universe wants to be linked just get in contact.

I won't link to any rubbish (like sex and crime or nazi stuff)

well that's it for now. shall be continued if I know anything else about kordwig

many thx to people who put their knowledge free into the web like stefan münz, thomas pelgrim and many more